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Add Your PerspectiveApril 29, 2010

Settlement Perspectives: The Newsletter, April 2010

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A Brief FYI for Readers Seeing This as a Post Online:

This continues the series of Settlement Perspectives Newsletters I started in 2009, sent occasionally to those who have requested the email version. Future versions will be shorter, published monthly, and generally sent by email only. If you’d like to receive the next edition directly, feel free to send me an email or sign up using the space provided on the right and I’ll put you on the list.  Thanks–



Dear Newsletter Reader–

Welcome to another issue of Settlement Perspectives’ occasional newsletter, designed to explore even further what we usually discuss — thoughts on how to resolve disputes and get your deal done.

These newsletters are designed to deliver three things:

  1. A preview of upcoming posts on Settlement Perspectives;
  2. Recent news, comments and miscellaneous information; and
  3. Links to recent posts on Settlement Perspectives.

Miscellaneous News, Comments and Events

I’m happy to report a few recent developments:

Recent Posts

In case they slipped past you, check out the most recent posts on Settlement Perspectives:

If you missed some of the posts in late 2009, this post will catch you up, and to be sure you don’t miss any more you can receive a regular feed of Settlement Perspectives’ posts by clicking here. Still not sure about this whole RSS thing? Daniel Schwartz gives a great explanation about how RSS Feeds and blog subscriptions work, which are time-savers as well, on his Connecticut Employment Law Blog.

What’s Next on Settlement Perspectives?

What’s in the pipeline at Settlement Perspectives — what’s next on the editorial calendar? While topics change to fit events (and, admittedly, moods and whims), posts with the following working titles are in various stages of research and preparation; you should see each of the following between now and May 31:

  • Collaborative Law for Commercial Disputes:  Is It Time?
  • A Book Review:  Robert H. Mnookin’s Bargaining with the Devil:  When to Negotiate, When to Fight
  • Decision Trees in Settlement Negotiation:  More Uses from Mediators and Advocates
  • Multi-Step Dispute Resolution Clauses:  A Few Forms to Get You Started
  • Settlement Perspectives: The Newsletter, May 2010 (by email only on May 31).

As always, if you have a topic related to negotiation or settlement you’d like to see explored on Settlement Perspectives, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks again for subscribing to Settlement Perspectives’ newsletter by email; if ever you want to unsubscribe, please just reply to this email and tell me so.


John DeGroote

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